The program of the upcoming Body Mapping Lab is in planning process. But here you can get a brief idea about its main goals. 

Who are the Lab's aimed at?  

Performing arts- practitioners and researchers who are interested in deepening the understanding of an embodied performance practice. The Lab's are also directed at bodyworkers, pedagogues, art-therapists, urban researchers, architects and members of general public who are interested in training their relationship between the body and space.

 What the Lab's promote: 

  • Empowerment of the social and communication skills trough the strengthening of collaborative work.  
  • Deepening of bodily and environmental awareness trough the activation of physical and intellectual resources.
  • Development of one’s bodily- language and expression trough the experience of solo and group improvisations (or interventions). 
  • Fostering of the research procedure trough the support of one’s topics and inquiries.  

Contents in General: 

  • Foundations in site specific performance 
  • Performative and ethnographic strategies in urban and natural environments  
  • Methodologies in embodied research   
  • Basic principles in somatics 
  • Improvisation and intervention  
  • Documentation skills and research tools 
  • Individual- and group critical reflection