In September 2016, following the invitation from the Teufelsberg Association in Berlin,  Nathalie Fari carried out the 1st edition of the Body Mapping Lab in collaboration with the author and media theorist Rafael Dernbach. The focus of this Lab was not only the experimentation with the different ways of how to engage the body in performance, but also how to approach a mythical place such as Teufelsberg. Therefore, the curated format was a performative expedition during which the hidden spots, angles and histories of Teufelsberg were explored. How bodies and spaces can inscribe themselves into each other, how a space can become a medium or an agent for stories and histories, and what positions an embodied story or history take towards written history were some of our the main questions of the Lab.

To examine these question the program was divided into four areas:

  • Walking Sessions / exploration of the walks from S-Bahn Grunewald to Teufelsberg
  • Performative Writing / documentation of the process and analysis of the place
  • Performance Work / practice of different body techniques and group improvisations
  • Community Work / engagement with the local community and with joint experiences such as a guided tour, a 5 Rhythms™ class or a cooking event.

All the outcomes and results of these areas were assembled into a SCRIPT entitled as UN-writing the Teufelsberg, which was presented by the group on the last day of the Lab. This happened in the context of the Tag des Offenen Denkmahls (Day of the Open Memorial) and in cooperation with the platform Theaterscoutings Berlin. 

If you are interested in reading more about this edition, please read the article Mapping Teufelsberg or How to Embody History that is part of the Anthology Urban Appropriation Strategies - Exploring Space-making Practices in Contemporary European Cityscapes, Flavia Alice Mameli, Franziska Polleter, Mathilda Rosengren, Josefine Sarkez-Knudsen (eds.) published by Transcript Verlag in 2018.  

Lab Participants 2016: Anna Semenova, Erika Schwarz, Alexandra Lucas, Julia Salem, Juliana Gennari, Hunter Lee Daniel and Petterson Costa// Special Guests: Oliver Euchner and Richard Rabensaat // Project Assistance: Petterson Costa // Documentation: Anton Roland Laub, Juliana Gennari, Luciana Abel Arcuri, Why Alix