The 2st edition of the Body Mapping Lab took place from 01rd to 10th of September 2017. Over the spam of ten days we explored different ways in which a historical and touristic site such as Teufelsberg can be «embodied». While we had the chance during the first workshop The Body as Translator (by Nathalie Fari), to use the means of improvisation to create group actions by translating them into «hidden choreographies», we investigated as «participant-observers» in the second one Urban Ethnography (by Anja Schwanhäußer), the charisma and social life of Teufelsberg. In the third workshop Inhabiting the Other (by Minja Mertanen), we executed various performative exercises as a mode of becoming other entities, such as the furniture of our basis station or worms. In the fourth workshop Cartographies of the Gestures (by Petterson Costa), we looked at how the movement within the body becomes a gesture in the space. Furthermore, we experienced different ways of walking up to Teufelsberg such as a silent walk, walking seminar or environmental walk. If you want to get a further idea, please go to the Vimeo link below.

Lab Participants 2017: Felicity Barrow, Nick Zelle, Nikaya Lewis and Thais Curi // Guests (Participants): Hanae Utamura, Isabel Ferreira, Mariana Hilgerert // Guests (Teaching-Team): Kathrin Scheurich, Oliver Euchner and Richard Rabensaat // Documentation: Grace Euna Kim, Nikaya Lewis, Sohar Villegas. 

Supported by: Berlin Art LinkTheaterscoutings Berlin, Initiative Kultur DENK-MAL Berliner Teufelsberg e.V.